Welcome. There are about five people in the world named 'Geoff Breach'. I am the one that lives in Sydney, Australia and this web site is about me, designed to provide some information about who I am and about my academic interest in Free and Open Source Software, Innovation, and Organization Theory.

I have already studied for a couple of degrees, and I'm working on another one now.

If you have participated in my previous research you may be interested in reading the papers that I've published. (Thank-you, again, to those who made this work possible by giving their time, their knowledge and their experience)

A relative newcomer to academia, I've spent almost my entire adult life working as a professional geek in a range of different contexts with a particular focus on Internet, Internet security and unix system administration.

I speak perl, and have used it on unix/linux and Strawberry Perl for Windows for many years, Javascript is my newest interest, code-wise; I'm enjoying the amazing new Meteor framework and the amazing things it can do. I am so impressed with NoSQL and MongoDB in particular that I feel I may never write another line of SQL for MySQL or even the incredibly powerful PostgreSQL again! My preferred operating system is Gentoo Linux.

I do have something of a life outside of my academic work, and in that respect I divide my attention between getting wet and staying dry!

If you have a yen to hack a DAS keyboard, to build a hackintosh or to reset the administrator password on a Canon Scanfront 220P then you might find the hacks section interesting.

All of the photographs displayed on this web site were taken by me, personally (unless stated otherwise!).