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Information and Consent Form Relating to Interview Research Conducted by Geoff Breach

University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123, Broadway NSW 2007
Sydney, Australia

Dear Participant,

My name is Geoff Breach. I have worked in IT for some twenty years as a system administrator, network administrator and in a range of Internet and firewall related roles. I've participated in the OSS community as a user and an advocate and I've spent a lot of time doing support on IRC. I've worked in IT at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in Australia and in my role as a teacher I lecture students on Open Source Software (OSS) and teach them to use OSS tools.

Now, as a Masters-by-research student at UTS I am working on a study to develop a better understanding of the nature of OSS work. I aim to expand the organization theories that Universities teach managers to account for the unique way that the OSS movement operates.

I wish to invite you to participate in a research study that I am conducting at UTS. The study, titled "The Constitution of Resistance in the Open Source Software Movement" is designed to develop an understanding of the way people who work on Open Source Software (OSS) conduct and perceive this work.

If you consent to this request, I will ask you to participate in an initial interview and, if additional questions arise, a follow-up interview at a later time. After I have considered our discussions and written my findings I will then invite you to read them and to give your comments and feedback, and to correct any misinterpretations or mistakes that I may have made.

I would like to conduct interviews with you by way of private IRC chat or some other chat protocol suitable to you. I will record (log) full transcripts of our discussions. I will need to keep a record of your IRC nickname, 'screen name', email address or some equivalent identifier so that I can contact you later. I do not need to know your real identity.

In order to protect you from any possible harm I will not identify you in my findings and, if I believe there is a risk of you being identified by particular things you say, I will obfuscate my written recollections of our discussions.

My findings will be made public in the form of a Doctoral thesis, and by way of published conference papers, journal articles or within books of research. I may also report my findings to the media or by way of electronic publication such as on the web.

I have approval from the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to conduct this study (clearance number UTS HREC REF NO. 2009-315A). If you have concerns or questions you may contact my academic supervisor, Dr. Edward Wray-Bliss, or the UTS HREC office at +61 2 9514 9772.

If you wish to participate in this research study, will you please indicate your consent by reading the following statement and, if you agree with it, completing and submitting the form below:

I agree to participate in the research study being conducted by Geoff Breach of the University of Technology, Sydney. I understand that I will be asked to participate in one or two interviews, that I will be offered a subsequent opportunity to read and comment on the findings of the study and that transcripts of these exchanges will be recorded. I also understand that I am free to withdraw from part or all of this study at any time.


NOTE: Please write the 'Screen Name' answer (the only one that is actually required)
such that it contains enough information for me to contact you. A url-like string, something
like irc:geoffb@freenode, xmpp:geoff.breach@gmail.com, msn:geoff@breach.com.au
or icq:292313 will do nicely, thank-you!

With thanks, and kind regards,

Geoff Breach
University of Technology, Sydney
geoff.breach@uts.edu.au (email)
geoff@breach.com.au (email, msn)
geoffb on the freenode network (irc)
geoff.breach@gmail.com (jabber, google talk)
292313 (icq)
geoffb767 (yahoo im)
Telephone: +61 2 9514 3049