A couple of hacks that you might like to try:

  • The beautiful thing about Apple Macs and the OS X operating system that runs on them is that because the manufacturer controls the hardware AND the software, they work together in a far greater state of harmony than one could ever hope to achieve with a generic PC and a PC operating system. So what! I want to run OS X on a generic desktop PC anyway!
  • Canon's ScanFront 220P network scanner is a reasonably good device. It runs Windows CE, so it suffers the usual types of crippled-ness that you'd expect from a half baked operating system, but as a workgroup scanner, it does OK. Canon, however, in their god-only-knows-what-ed-ness, don't offer any significant support for the machine. It's virtually undocumented online, and no-one seems to have hacked it much. That's a shame, 'cos it's actually a pretty cool bit of hardware. There's one big problem: if you forget the root password, you're stuffed. Canon won't (can't?) tell you how to fix it. I can, and will, though!!! I'll also tell you a bit about the hardware, it's actually quite nice!

About the Ads

It probably seems a little odd to be serving ads on a personal site. Truth is, I've never served ads on anything before, and I want to try out Google Adsense and see what makes it tick. I'm only putting ads on the pages that contain what I hope is useful information. Lets see how it all goes huh?!