With the exception of a high-school job peeling potatoes for a take-away food store, I've worked as a professional geek for all of my adult life.

I began by designing printed circuit boards for a range of very interesting electronic devices including the NSW (Australia) Roads and Traffic Authority's traffic light control systems, the Cochlear bionic ear and the AWA digital radios that provide telephone service to remote communities in the Australian outback.

I've connected dozens of Australian and international companies to the public Internet, built Internet firewalls and enterprise resource management systems in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and consulted to an enormously broad range of business sectors that include retail banking, health, medical imaging, defence, investment banking, automotive, industrial gases, pharmaceuticals, legal, government and the arts.

The logos below are those of some of my customers.

Logos for company's that I've worked for or consulted to.