Everything I've ever done in life has been about teaching, or convincing people to let me teach.

In the past I have lectured Master of Business and MBA students in Organization Analysis and Design, tutoring Bachelor of Business students in Managing People and Organizations, matching new research students with supervisors in Research Project Design and Management Research Project, and assisting with Advanced Management Research Methods.

I have, as an invited guest, facilitated many many executions of the Beer Distribution Game for classes of both Postgraduate and Undergraduate business students. The game is simple, incredibly difficult to get right, very very funny to play, and a fantastic learning experience. I have co-authored papers on the Beer Distribution Game and the application of its principles to real supply chains, go ahead and check my writing page.

I have regularly been invited to deliver an hour-long loosely titled "How to Get a Distinction Without Buying the Textbook (and Without Visiting the Library)" to both Postgraduate and Undergraduate classes! Students love it, their feedback is always flatteringly positive, but some old-schoolers and textbook sellers are less than impressed!

I authored and taught an undergraduate class on management of technology for non-technically-oriented Business students and for non-business oriented Engineering and Computer Science students at the University of Technology Sydney since 2005 until it was discontinued after about 2009.

I've also taught Knowledge Management to undergraduate student at the University of Technology, Sydney on regular occasions.

I'm working, slowly, towards a SCUBA diving instructor's qualification, so that I can also teach while I'm getting wet!

In previous lives I've run classes on Internet security and Internet networking for people who work in IT roles.